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If you have ever thought to yourself: “Hey, these guys are alright, I would really like to support them in some way.” We have good news for you! You can now contribute your cold, hard cash to help us hold our position on this hill.


For some modest financial support, you can become a member of the myhilltodieon podcast. As a member, you will gain access to the “Not My Hill” members-only podcast. These are more bite-sized podcasts where we discuss things that we feel very strongly about, but aren’t quite hills that we’d be willing to die on. They’re probably someone else’s hill.

Definitely not ours.

In addition to the members-only feed, you will also have access to a form where you can make suggestions for our “listener’s hill” episodes where we will read, watch, experience something that our members feel passionately about, and we will talk about that. Those episodes will be featured on the main podcast.

By becoming a member you will be directly supporting this podcast and the funds will be used to support us by going directly towards everything we need to keep this podcast running.

If you can’t, don’t worry, we still love you nevertheless. And above all, we’d like to thank all of our listeners and our members for their continued support of us and this podcast.

All support for this show is used to pay for the operational costs of the show and if there is any left over, the remainder is paid to the hosts for them to buy sequined jackets or some such nonsense.