55: Humor Embedded in the Narration
Posted April 20, 2022
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Recorded March 12, 2022

This week, Ryan kept Nate from catching up on the new Star Trek episodes and Nate talked about his journey to get his daughters introduced into Gene Roddenberry’s universe. Soon after that, Ryan ranted all about his journey to remake the Elden Ring. Afterwards, both of them shared some of their favorite pieces of media involving some form of military. Finally, they once more explored the world on the back of a turtle as they spoke about legal crime, dragon flatulence, and proper book-throwing in their discussion of Guards, Guards! by Sir Terry Pratchett.

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Star Trek

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Taste of Japan

Pick 2: Media With Military or Quasi-military Organizations

Guards! Guards!

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54: The Second Book Made Me Angry
56: Seal the Respect for Each Other
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