53: How Does His Beating Make Him the Kung Fu Master?
Posted March 22, 2022
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Recorded February 12, 2022

This week Nate and Ryan look for a touch of levity in everything. Nate begins by talking about his software and the bug (or feature) that he found and fixed. Nate then talked about how he “pulled a Ryan” with health anxiety, and how he fell back in love with the Amazing Race. Ryan, stuck in a loop of looping games talked about loops and a looping narrative in the game he was playing, Returnal. Shifting their attention, they address times in their lives that they dealt with sharp objects in one way or another. Following all this, they turned their attention to the main media, Kung Fu Hustle, and talked about loony tunes combat, koto killers, and asked themselves does the plot really need to matter?

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The Amazing Race


Taste of Japan

Pick 2: Sharp Object Stories

  • Nate: Getting Cut With a Papercutter
  • Ryan: Blade Collection
  • Nate: Hay Baler
  • Ryan: Stripping Wire

Kung Fu Hustle

Theme by Michael AD
used with permission

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54: The Second Book Made Me Angry
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