30: Star Wars Meets the Muppets
Posted December 17, 2020
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Recorded November 22, 2020

Nate loves Sci-Fi. However, Ryan found out that Nate had never seen Farscape. Seeking to remedy this, he decides to have Nate and a friend of theirs watch the first few episodes of it. In this episode, they introduce their friend, special guest Scott Ponzani, who among other things asks Nate for a conclusion to his Synology tale. Then, the three of them decided to talk about times in their own past experiences where they were like fish out of water (or made others feel that way). As a side note, we apologize for those among you who may find social awkwardness painful, as these stories are ripe with it. Finally, for the main media, they discuss the Farscape premiere episode and allude to the next few as they discuss, Translation Microbes, Dominar Rygel XVI (who is so very much like Rygel the First), what a “Peacekeeper” is and the not so surprising lack of Statler and Waldorf.

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