26: We Love Friend Computer
Posted October 11, 2020
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Recorded August 11, 2020

We played another game! This week, Ryan and Nate blackmailed a few of their friends into joining them to play a game called Space Station. Space Station is a Parsely game* made by Jared Sorensen of Memento Mori Theatricks. The members of this expedition show the world the resilience of a couple of red shirts with a save state. Through the adventure, they learn how pod bay doors work, the value of leaving notes for yourself, and how a robot dog is everybody’s best friend. Featuring special guests Terence Van Dam and Angie Hall.

*It should be noted that we are not sponsored in any way by Jared Sorensen or Memento Mori. We just really love his games.

Space Station: a Parsely Game

Theme by Michael AD
used with permission

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